Candid Candidatehbx-candid-candidate-8-5-x-11

by Donald Tongue

An original political farce that will keep you laughing right down to the wire – Election Day 2016.

Arizona Senator, Bob Roberts (Larry Pizza), and Texas Governor, John McCoy (David Afflick) have emerged as the winners of the Iowa Caucuses, and eagerly head east for the next round in the presidential election season – the first in the nation New Hampshire primary. Their political fortunes are on the rise, but an unscripted candid moment leaves them fighting for more than their political survival. The final outcome of the ‘election’, and the play, will be determined by an audience vote for the candidate of YOUR choice.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to vote early and often, and to make this election year even more memorable!


Hatbox Theatre

October 21 – November 6, 2016

Fridays & Saturdays – 7:30pm
Sundays – 2pm

Deirdre Hickok Bridge ——-Judith McCoy
David Afflick—————–John McCoy
Kelsey Domeny————–Celia Roberts
Larry Pizza——————–Bob Roberts
Jackie Coffin—————–Rachel Pendleton
Aaron Compagna————-Neil Albright
Kelly Litt ———————Neal Armstrong

Mike Perry
Sierra Jones
Spencer Costigan

Donald Tongue—————Playwright/Director
Val Wisneski——————Stage Manager

Cast & Crew

Deirdre Hickok Bridge
Deirdre Hickok Bridge

Deirdre Hickok Bridge (Judith) is excited to reprise this role in the New! and Improved! version of Candid Candidate. Originally from New Bedford, Mass, she has performed with  numerous community and regional theatre companies over the past 30 years. Some of her favorite past roles include Marie in Sputnik: A Love Story (NTG), Carla in “Nine” (MAC), Lee in The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife (CPC) and the ensemble piece Love, Loss and What I Wore (Players’ Ring). She also has a penchant for doing new work and has appeared in a half-dozen new plays by New England playwrights over the last two years, including two other works by playwright Donald Tongue, as Samantha in Scene Changes and Beth in The Truth Will Spring Yuh (one-act festival cut). When not performing, Deirdre is stage mother, band mother and head chef for her family in Derry.


David Afflick
David Afflick

David Afflick (John McCoy)  Whether it be film, TV, commercials or on the stage, David continues his journey in acting; loving the opportunities that the flourishing scene in New England has allowed him. He is passionate about creating something powerful through the telling of stories, and thrives on the collaboration with other amazing artists. Please visit for more information!

Jackie Coffin
Jackie Coffin

Jackie Coffin (Rachel) has been performing for over seventeen years and has been part of close to seventy productions. She found her home performing on the stage at a young age and eventually branched out to behind the scenes work. She has been choreographing for eight years and has also tried her hand at stage managing and directing. A NH Native, Jackie is a marketing professional by day and also teaches at Unbound Dance Academy in Hooksett. She has performed with and choreographed for several local companies across Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. Jackie is passionate about showcasing new and exciting pieces onstage and conveying art in unique ways. She is thrilled to be involved with New World Theatre and believes strongly in their mission of bringing new works of theatre to life. In addition to Candid Candidate, she will be part of NWT’s spring production of The Truth Will Spring Yuh.image-slug


Aaron Compagna
Aaron Compagna

Aaron Compagna (Neil) is healthily excited to be performing with these formidable players once again in such a zanily hyper comedy.   He’s been privileged to work on Donald Tongue’s material before, and hopes to continue into the unforeseeable future.   As of this writing, Aaron is one of the most politically ignorant people walking the planet today.   However, the character he plays is quite astute.  Enjoy the show!image-slug


Donald Tongue
Donald Tongue

Donald Tongue (playwright/director) (resume) is a New England playwright with four published plays to his credit. His play, Void, has been produced seven times with performances in Boston and Los Angeles.  School Portrait Monologues was produced in New Zealand and Fishbowl was part of the 2010 short play festival in New York City at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre.

Donald’s play about the poet Robert Frost,  My Neighbor, the Poet, was commissioned and produced by theatre KAPOW in October, 2010.

Donald’s play, A Time, Twice Upon, was developed as part of a playwrights’ collaborative sponsored by theatre KAPOW. The aim of the project was to foster and develop new plays through workshops and public readings. A fully staged performance of all the plays was produced in March of 2011.

Donald and John Michael Sefel co-authored an anthology of new plays, The Seven Deadly Sins, for Ghostlight Theater Publishing.

As an actor, Donald has performed in over thirty productions in roles ranging from Judas, in Jesus Christ Superstar, to John, in David Mamet’s Oleanna.

Donald is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America and a founding member of the NewWorld Theatre’s Playwrights Collective.