We are happy to announce the winning monologues for our Solitary Voice production and corresponding anthology publication. We want to thank all who submitted their wonderfully creative works and shared their epic voices. With over fifty submissions, it was not an easy choice. In many ways, it came down to which works worked well together as a collection.

So, without further ado, here are the winning monologues (in no particular order).

Playwright Title of Monologue
John Minigan Necktie
Amy Oestreicher I’ll Tell You a Story
Erica Furgiuele SPLAT
Tom Coash Thin Air
Andrea Fleck Clardy Listen Up!
Greg Hovanesian THE LOOK
Cynthia Faith Arsenault I am You
Shari D. Frost The Driving Lesson
Don Cohen Samson
James Celenza swooping for pearls
Lawrence Kessenich Ronnie’s Charger
Andrea Aptecker The Revenge Bureau
Patrick Gabridge Wounded
Eugenie Carabatsos The New Colossus
Greg Parker The Tunnel
Donald Tongue Odysseus Returns
Ellen Davis Sullivan A Boy Like Me
Karla Sorenson Disconnected

Congratulations to our winning playwrights for their excellent work!

And a most heartfelt congratulations and kudos to all the playwrights for submissions that made us think, laugh, reflect… it is wonderful to see how many talented writers there are in New England!