Creating a New World of Theatre

A culture that encourages and embraces new works is a culture that is less likely to repeat past mistakes. For when our only frame of reference are images, stories, myths, and fables from the past, they often become a blueprint for constructing the same patterns of behavior that result in the same predictable outcome. We tell ourselves, without question, “That’s how the story goes – and that’s how it ends.” And thus our worldview, beliefs, and opinions become narrowly focused through a lens of preconceptions and misconceptions.

New works are the lifeblood of any art form, they provide a vital stimulus for reawakening and reimagining.  This is why New World Theatre endeavors to create a supportive community where new theatre works can be imagined, nurtured, and produced.  Our hope is to awaken and reimagine a New World of Theatre that can serve as a blueprint for a New World.

About Us

Donald Tongue – Managing Director

(photo by Jane Button Photography)

A playwright, producer, director, actor, Donald Tongue enjoys all aspects of making theater. As the founder and managing director of New World Theatre, his primary goal is to foster the development of new works, which includes mounting full productions of plays that have been part of the NWT collective development process.

Donald has four published plays to his credit. His most produced work, Void, has been produced in Boston and Los Angeles. School Portrait Monologues was produced in New Zealand. Fishbowl was part of the 2010 short play festival in New York City at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre, where it was held over for an extended run. My Neighbor, the Poet, was commissioned and produced by theatre KAPOW in October, 2010. Scene Changes was a featured work in the Page to Stage Encore production, Concord NH, produced at the Firehouse Center for the Arts 2012 New Works Festival, Newburyport MA, and produced at the Leddy Center for their 2015 Showcase Production series, Epping NH. Candid Candidate was produced at the Leddy Center for their 2016 Showcase Production series, Epping NH. The Truth Will Spring Yuh was produced at the 2014 NHCTA Festival, Concord NH.

As an actor, Donald has performed in over thirty productions in roles ranging from Judas, in Jesus Christ Superstar, to John, in David Mamet’s Oleanna.


Jackie Coffin – Media Relations

Jackie CoffinJackie has been performing for over seventeen years and has been involved in over seventy productions. She found her home performing on the stage at a young age and eventually branched out to behind the scenes work. She has been choreographing for eight years and has also tried her hand at stage managing and directing. A NH Native, Jackie is a marketing professional by day and also teaches at Unbound Dance Academy in Hooksett. She has performed with and choreographed for several local companies across Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. Jackie is passionate about showcasing new and exciting pieces onstage and conveying art in unique ways. She is thrilled to be involved with New World Theatre and believes strongly in their mission of bringing new works of theatre to life. In addition to Candid Candidate, she will be part of NWT’s spring production of The Truth Will Spring Yuh.