The Final Reel

by William Ivers & Walter Freeman

As the curtain rises on this spellbinding thriller – Ghost Encounters, a mildly popular paranormal investigative reality show, has recently arrived at the haunted Leman Mansion on the coast of Maine. The cast and crew are hoping to boost their flagging viewership – who have grown weary of their “shaky camera work” – with a paranormal exposé into the rumored ghostly sightings of the late, great Jacqueline Leman.

The infamous child actress, best known for her box office smashing persona, Dolly Dancer, enjoyed many years as a silver screen phenom. But as her youthful luster faded, so did her ability to capture new roles. No longer able to seize the limelight, she decided to get as far away from Hollywood as physically possible, seeking refuge in a secluded coastal mansion. But alas, even there her treacherous demons of doubt and self-loathing hounded her. And so it was, that on one dark and stormy fateful night, Ms Leman cast herself from the balcony, plunging into the raging seas below, never again to be seen in her mortal form.

Such an incredibly tragic tale is sure to be a ratings bonanza for Ghost Encounters’ season finalé. There only seems to be one small problem : Ms Leman has decided she is ready for her final reel and gives our intrepid TV investigators a taste of something they have previously never encountered – an actual…


Hatbox Theatre

270 Loudon Road, Concord, NH 03301

September 8 – 24, 2017

Fridays & Saturdays – 7:30pm
Sundays – 2pm

Aaron Compagna——————-R. Terrence Burke
Jackie Coffin—————————–Sadie Skylar
Paul G. Smith ————————–Allen Blatt, Jr.
Alexa Pervanas—————————-Tracy Boyd
Paul Gauthier———————Professor Farquhar
Valerie Kehr————————————-Astra
Mike Perry——————————Jeff Chisholm
Jake Lamontagne ————————Randy Kline
Mandy Gennaro————————–Judy Leman
Moriah Graham————————-Jackie Leman
Daniel Scheys———————-Detective Mallard

Toby Paul————————————Director
Meredith R.H. Potter——————Stage Manager
Hannah Joy Hopkins—————–Scenic Designer
Richard Bouchard—————————Set Build
Andrew Pinard————————Lighting Design
Rebecca Howland———————–Filmographer
Jane Paradis Button———————Photography
Donald Tongue————-Sound Designer/Producer

Cast & Crew

Jackie Coffin
Jackie Coffin

Jackie Coffin (Sadie Skylar) has been performing for over seventeen years and has been involved in over seventy productions. She found her home performing on the stage at a young age and eventually branched out to behind the scenes work. She has been choreographing for eight years and has also tried her hand at stage managing and directing. A NH Native, Jackie is a marketing professional by day and also teaches at Unbound Dance Academy in Hooksett. She has performed with and choreographed for several local companies across Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. Jackie is passionate about showcasing new and exciting pieces onstage and conveying art in unique ways. She is thrilled to be involved with New World Theatre and believes strongly in their mission of bringing new works of theatre to life. In addition to Candid Candidate, she will be part of NWT’s spring production of The Truth Will Spring Yuh.image-slug


Aaron Compagna
Aaron Compagna

Aaron Compagna (R. Terrence Burke) is healthily excited to be performing with these formidable players once again in such a zanily hyper comedy.   He’s been privileged to work on Donald Tongue’s material before, and hopes to continue into the unforeseeable future.   As of this writing, Aaron is one of the most politically ignorant people walking the planet today.   However, the character he plays is quite astute.  Enjoy the show!image-slug